What is iSleepWell?


The iSleepWell program is a biopsychosocial web & mobile-based intervention program for insomnia and stress symptoms. Although the main focus of the program is on your sleep habits and decreasing insomnia symptoms, using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, it takes on a broader focus by looking at stress and other factors that impact on mental health and wellbeing. iSleepWell includes 6 modules:

  • Introduction Module
  • Module 1: Increasing Biological Flexibility
  • Module 2: Increasing Sleep Flexibility
  • Module 3: Increasing Thinking Flexibility
  • Module 4: Increasing Wellness Flexibility
  • Module 5: Staying on Track


iSleepWell and the other My Digital Health programs are wrapped within a dashboard system that offers you various other features and tools. For example, you will have access to a powerful self monitoring system that allows you to better monitor your daily mood, sleep and other daily lifestyle events. This ‘biopsychosocial’ information is then graphically displayed within your dashboard allowing you to choose with factors you would like to compare – allowing you to see patterns. For example, you may be interested in looking at how your sleep or physical activity levels impact on your mood. In addition, if you have a wearable fitbit device, you can also add this to the monitoring system – making self monitoring even easier. We have even made the platform more responsive to changes in your mood ratings, sleep, and activity levels. If your scores indicate that things are not going so well for you, we will send you an alert and provide you with some recommendations about what you can do about it.

At present, we are not accepting any new registrations for this digital health program. If you are interested in learning more about our plans for the iSleepWell program, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ page.